Bear is still searching for a forever family.

We have updated Bear’s flyer to show that he is able to be adopted into a house with other large dogs. He has made so many great strides over the last few months. He goes on runs a few times a week and plays for hours on end with all our other mutts. He hasn’t displayed ANY aggression since we integrated him into the pack. We are so happy this boy is able to enjoy the company of other pups his size. Please share Bear’s flyer. You may be the one to help find him a home. If you would like to meet Bear please email or text Melanie at 407-324-6922 and

Check it out. 

Bear has made such amazing progress in the last few weeks! 

Previously, we thought he did have some dog aggression. He normally comes on extremely strong to new dogs by lunging and encroaching their space and he doesn’t listen at all to verbal or physical queues from the other dog. After the other dog gets irritated enough and nips it turns into a scuffle. After observing him the last few weeks we realized he is just behaving like a puppy. 

Although he hadn’t directly interacted with our personal dogs he has at least been around them through sight and smell. Fully introducing him to them one by one has gone very well. Now we are letting him out with our pack and we hope to have him fully integrated soon. He has started to understand warning growls and has even started taking the submissive role in some mild play. It helps tremendously that we can finally exercise him. If you’re interested in adopting Bear please fill out an application on our Get Involved page. 

Bear is making a friend 

Now that Bear is off his heart-worm treatments he has been able to start being a real dog. He is in perfect health other than a mild skin infection. He is getting daily exercise, muzzle training (he is dog aggressive), and a slow introduction to our other mutts. So far he is doing fantastic! He loves his walks and is doing pretty well on a leash. He finally got to fully meet our dog, Banner last nite and it was relatively uneventful, which is always a good thing. We hope to get him fully integrated soon, unless we find his forever home first. If you are interested in Bear please go to Get Involved page to fill out an adoption or foster application. 

Miss Sassy has found her home

Yesterday Melanie and I went to a family members home with Sassy. She had expressed some interest in the little meatball, so we did a meet and greet with Sassy, the family, and their dogs. After an uneventful meeting of the mutts we went inside the home to see if any dynamics would change. Everything was well so after some paperwork and hugs sassy is now with her new mom and family, we couldn’t have asked for a better fit for this little nub tailed potato.

Check out this happy girl!