Positive thoughts for Bear

Yesterday Bear thought he would sneak into some treats on top of his crate. After he ate a whole bag of doggy beef jerky he promptly threw it up. He had thrown up everything solid and could only keep down water in small amounts. I monitored him and he seemed to be fine afterwards. He had solid poop, he was hydrating slowly, and was still urinating normally. 

Well, this morning we woke up to find he vomited blood sometime during the night. We rushed him to our vet and they are keeping him there today. They said that he has presented with pancreatitis and is indeed dehydrated. They are giving him fluids and gave him an injection for pain. We are picking him up later today and hopefully he returns to normal. If he has bloody stool or keeps vommitting they are going to have to hospitalize him. 

Please keep Bear in your thoughts and cross your fingers that he rebounds quickly. 

Round 2 and 3

Bear has been receiving heart worm treatment for the past several months. We started him on medication, got him neutered, got his 1st of 3 rounds of heart worm treatment and now he finally has gotten his 2nd and 3rd treatments. They do the last 2 24 hours apart so he has had a rough couple days.

This happy go lucky boy has been so patient and sweet through the whole process. It kills us to keep him restricted to a small room or his crate all the time, but it’s necessary for his treatment. After the injection the heart worms (which can be up to a foot long) start dying off and breaking apart into the bloodstream. If a dog gets his heart rate too high they can then be pushed into his the smaller vessels in his lungs and cause a fatal blood clot.

With that being said, the last two days have been extremely stressful. The rainy season decided to start YESTERDAY, the day of his 2nd injection. This wouldn’t be a problem, but Bear is terrified of storms. He goes into full on panic mode, screams, shakes violently, cries and tries to destroy anything he can get a hold. This goes on for hours and sometimes lasts longer than the storm. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to calm him down. We used to give him sedatives when this would happen, but they will interfere with his treatment right now. The only thing I’ve been able to do is put on a Thundershirt and that hasn’t really helped. I have been biting my nails just trying to wait it out hoping he doesn’t unknowingly killing himself. I’m sure everything will be fine, but it’s terrible to watch him suffer like this.

Bear will need 8 more weeks of exercise restriction then he will need some training and will be ready for adoption. I can’t wait to see this guy in a home of his own

Round 1

Bear got his first injection of heartworm medication on Thursday. This normally high strung boy is finally resting a bit. After dogs get the injection it can be pretty dangerous as the pieces of the heartworm start to break off and die. Any time their heart rate goes up it puts him at greater risk of complication. So… cross your fingers that he stays this calm!

If you would like to help us pay for his next two rounds please go to our donate now page. 

Goofy Bear

We have been getting to know this goofy dog we named Bear. He thinks everyone is his BFF and I’m pretty sure he wants to make you wear the bracelet to prove it. Bear is going to be a great family dog with older kids. We still haven’t tested him with other dogs, because we are going to wait until he is finished with  his heart worm treatment.

We are getting him neutered at the end of the month then we start his heart worm treatment at the end of April. We were surprised that he was cleared to get neutered before the treatment, but that was what the vet at Pet Alliance recommended. While we wait to start his treatment he is able to do some light play and lots of snuggles.


Bear’s treatment

Bear is scheduled to start his treatment for heart worm early next week. Heart worm treatment from a normal vet ranges from $1000-$1200, but we have found more affordable pricing for rescues through Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. While this is cheaper, we could still use donations to help cover the costs. Bear’s recovery will be roughly 3-5 months long depending on the severity of his case and still costs roughly $600. This is in addition to a $200 visit for blood work and boosters. He is scheduled to get x-rays of his heart next week. Check out this handsome guy on his way to conquer the vet visit. Please help Bear fight his battle.img_0788

Latest addition

This is Bear aka Stormy from OCAS. He was brought to our attention through cross posting on Facebook. He was scheduled to be euthanized on Wednesday morning do to overcrowding, but somehow got an extension to 5pm. We knew we had to do something to help him and so we put in an application to pull him.

He is heartworm positive and was labeled animal aggressive. However, when I went through the notes on his case all of them said he was friendly with other dogs so I really don’t know why he was labeled that way. Anyway, we picked him up Thursday morning and as soon as he saw me he acted like we were old pals. I’m pretty sure he would have greeted anyone this way, but friendly is an understatement. I got him in my car and he jumped in the front seat and started rolling in my lap and bathing me with kisses. Well, if you know anything about heartworm + dogs you know you’re supposed to keep them calm so they’re heart doesn’t work any more than it has to. This guy has no clue anything is wrong with him and wants to play play play.

I got him home, bathed, and set up in his isolation room and he was still so happy to be with me and out of the kennels. He is very smart, sweet, and playful, although needs to learn some manners. Later, when I got home from work, I let our other dogs out in the main part of the house and he didn’t really even seem to react to them. He could see them through the french door, but he just had a very curious reaction. He didn’t display any type of aggression at all.

He is currently on anti diarrhea and antibiotics for a chest infection. He has a Vet appointment later today at Longwood Veterinary Clinic for his initial check and to get started on his heartworm treatment. Please consider donating to his care as it is always a very costly and long treatment process.