No babies for our baby. 

Peanut got spayed yesterday and she did really well afterwards. Our little monkey will not need surgery on her knees right now!!!

The doc said that she may later, but as long as we can take steps to prevent it from getting worse we are in the clear. We are starting her on a joint based prescription dog food. This should contain omega 3s and 6s that will help her joints along with her skin. We have been giving her Alaskan salmon oil in her food and we won’t need the additive any more. When I picked up peanut this morning she didn’t seem to have much discomfort or pain. She will need to have rest and very little activity for at least a week. 

Right now we are so thankful she’s doing well and that she won’t need any more surgeries. 

After she recovers and we have some more time to figure out her skin issues she will be up for adoption. Anyone interested in meeting her, fostering, or adopting her please message me. 

Cleared for surgery

Last week peanut got cleared for her spay and X-rays. She is officially off of antibiotics and cleared of her skin infection. She is getting along better with Elvis every day. 

She has also met our hound dog Ty. They get along but are kinda in a stand off of who will be the more dominant dog. I’ve done a lot of research from this and mostly everyone suggests to let the dogs figure it out on their own as long as there are no aggressive tendencies. Both of the dogs know that Anthony and I are alpha so I’m not worried about that aspect. I assume it will take more time to have them sort it out. If anyone has any professional advice or input please feel free and message us. We are always eager to learn more about dog behavior as most of what we know has come from experience and not technical training. 

Peanut’s BFF 

We reintroduced little peanut to Elvis last night. It’s been roughly a month since their first interaction and they were very calm with each other. We have been dog sitting two English Bulldogs for the past couple weeks and peanut has been in the main dog room with our mutts during that time. It was a very nice yet unplanned step forward in getting her used to all the other dogs. She got to get even closer to them and spent her whole day just a few feet from her new friends (whether she likes it or not)! 

Today, after I cleaned her apartment and she was excited to get back in her private suite. She will still be with the other crated dogs during the day, but will have a bigger space during the time they’re out with us and she’s alone. She even let Elvis check out her pad, although I think he may have been jealous. 

Tomorrow peanut has another checkup and hopefully will be cleared for her spay and X-rays. 

Goofy peanut returns!

I picked up our little troublemaker yesterday morning and she could not contain her excitement. She bounced around for a solid 10 minutes before we left the vet. Once we got home and she saw Anthony she lost it all over again and promptly peed all over our bed. I love it when she does that. 

The vet said she did really well during her stay and received all the love and admiration they could give. She also got a check up while she was there and the vet would like her to be on antibiotics for another 2 weeks. Her skin is clearing up so nicely and even the deep older scars are growing hair. This little monkey is beautiful. Trust me, I tell her that every day and she’s starting to strut like a super model. 

All joking aside, she will probably be spayed in 2 weeks and they will take the X-rays on her knees and hips while she is under. The kennel techs were able to watch her limp more in depth while she was with them and there is definitely something wrong. Until we figure out what it is and fix it we cannot introduce her to most of the other dogs. They’re much larger and will hurt her during play; one in particular is a freaking wrecking ball trapped in a pinball machine. However, we will probably let her see Elvis more, because he’s a senior dog and doesn’t play often. 

**Side note. When we got Elvis 7 years ago he was extremely dog aggressive and would try and go after any other dog he could. Now, our little Mook is our testing dog because he is so level headed and predictable. It makes me so proud of our mutt!**

We are so happy to have this little girl back with us. 

Please consider donating to her X-rays and possible surgery. We will of course give another medical update when they get the results. Probably just adorable picture until then. 

Peanut is on vacation

We are off to Italy. We’ve had this trip planned for over a year and are finally on our way.

Peanut is going to stay at LVC where she will receive the best care around. They are familiar with her and always treat her so well. They graciously reserved their largest kennel for our little girl as she will be staying for 11 days.

We showed up this morning with a huge bag of her meds, a detailed medication and care list, and a crib mattress. Yes, you heard me, a crib. Nothing but the best for this little monster.

We can’t wait to see her updated condition when we get back. Arrivederci!

Such a good day!

We went to the vet for Peanut’s check up and we got a very good report card. Everyone commented on how she looked like a brand new puppy dog! She will have another month of anibiotics, but we get to stop the Epsom salt soaks, the eye drops, and reduce the bath from twice weekly to once. She is going to be so relieved! The new development was that she has a yeast infection in one ear, but that should resolve quickly with two rounds of medication. 

The vet still wants to sedate her to figure out if she has more extensive knee and hip problems as well as spay her. We were told back and forth that she was and was not spayed about 4 times since we’ve gotten her by OCAS, but who cares as long and she can’t make any babies. No puppies!! It’s also very exciting to say that she will not need a dental cleaning. Between picking at her teeth during bath time and her dental chews her teeth miraculously got healthier, or at least the black plaque came off. Dr. Conley wants to get her skin 100% before we worry about either of those issues. 

Now on to the more fantastic news. Yes it does get better!!! 

Peanut met Elvis and it was such a positive interaction! We went on a short walk with the both of them and peanut was very interested, but in a much more calm way than anticipated. 

Since we do not know Peanut’s full history we have been very cautious at her meeting the other dogs. We have been very very slowly getting them aquainted. Peanut’s first reaction when we got her here was to lunge at the French doors when she heard or smelt the other dogs. After a couple weeks she was comfortable with that and we increased the challenge by removing the visual barrier we had up. She could then see them through the French doors but not physically interact with them. Her reaction wasn’t terrible, but she was a very high energy anxious and so we waited for that to also subside. Now, after a month, she finally got to meet one of our dogs and fully interact. We are so happy that this went well. The had an appropriate greeting both in and out of the house. We are continuing our slow and steady pace with her so we ended it on a positive note and will keep doing this until, hopefully, she is fully integrated into our pack. Her little wiggle butt can’t wait either!

Peanut in training

Our nightly baths have made little peanut beyond bored, so instead of her getting irritated and trying to escape we are going back to distracting her. We now feed her dinner with her baths one piece of kibble at a time. It sounds like it would take a painstakingly long time, but in reality it gives us both something to do while we wait for 15+ minutes. It also is teaching her patience and she is learning how to take treats gently. Not only does it help kill time, but it also creates a positive association with that area in the house. 

Peanut getting excited about her dinner. Previously she wouldn’t go in the bathroom at all and now she is going in there on her own and even approaching the running bath. 

 The bath has become a modgepodge of her treatments. We also use this time to clean her ears, put in her eye drops, and give her medicine. I’ve also recently been trying to clean her teeth during this time so it’s understandably annoying to the little one. Although, we poke and prod at her a lot she seems to really understand that we are helping her. She lets us do all of this without any fighting or squirming. 

Peanut relaxing in the water with a full belly. 

Please help Peanut

We are out of funds. We need your help to continue getting Peanut the vet care that she needs. We have already spent $800 on Peanut and the funds we saved up are depleted. Unfortunately, out of the $120 pledges that were promised for her we only received $10 of it. We also only received one donation from other people that promised to help her recover. Please share our posts if you cannot donate yourself as word of mouth is just as important.

I took Peanut to the vet today and everyone noticed that she was so much better as soon as we walked through the door. As she greeted them they were all so impressed with her emotional and physical improvement. The vet said that she would need at least two more weeks of antibiotics along with our continual epsom salt soaks and baths. She will also need to be sedated for knee x-rays and a dental cleaning. At a year old her teeth are so awful and they look worse than all of our other dogs combined. That alone will be at least another $300-$400 and we do not even know if she will need surgery to fix whatever is causing her limp.

Despite my glum attitude due to our financial position Peanut had the time of her life eating her first ice cream cup. She went from the polite little girl eating off the spoon to stuffing her whole face in the cup which was too adorable to handle.

Happy little peanut

Peanut loves her crate and I think LOVE is an understatement. The crate we had was large, but with the cone she is wearing she could barely fit in the opening. She would get scared when she would hit the sides and couldn’t seek the comfort of her little den. My mom graciously traded her Great Dane size crate for our large and peanut is in heaven! This gives her another foot or so to fit in the opening without banging the cone. She looks miserable because she’s wearing her nemesis the cone, but she is really doing well.