Peanut is all snuggled in

Peanut officially has a home! Her new Mom didn’t even have to wait the full two week trial to know that Peanut was the right fit for them. It’s such an amazing feeling to watch this girl go from the likeness of chewed hamburger meat to a beautiful member of a family. She went from being extremely fear aggressive and trying to attack our dogs to romping and snuggling with her new brother. I knew Peanut was truly at home when her Mom said that Peanut would not stop snuggling. Peanut didn’t even know HOW to snuggle, but sure enough she was!



Check out more before and after pictures below! Thanks for everyone who supported Peanut during this long recovery. Please also visit our Donate Now link to support more dogs in need.

Peanut has a home!!!!!

We are so ecstatic that our little Monkey has found an amazing family. She has a great new mom who is a Nurse and will handle Peanut’s care with precision and she has an awesome new brother that couldn’t wait to play with her!

It’s a little bittersweet for us because we have had this girl for so long and she was our first long-term foster. However, we could not be more happy. It is a two-week trial, but we have a feeling that this will work out great! Please keep your fingers, toes, and paws crossed!!!!!



Meet and greet

Little Miss Peanut has been with us for 7 months. Can you believe it? She is still looking for her forever home, but maybe she won’t have to wait too much longer. She is going to a meet and greet with someone who met her at Rescue Fest. The lady interested has another dog and so it really comes down to how they interact. We are going to take it slow and have the puppies meet on neutral ground tomorrow. If it is uneventful, which is the best meet and greet there is, then we will introduce them the next night at their new home. Everyone cross your fingers!!!!!!

Still waiting

Our little Peanut is still waiting on her forever home. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with the potential family. Peanut and their existing dog didn’t have the connection we were hoping for. It’s frustrating sometimes that we have no control over these things, but we know her family is out there somewhere. In the meantime she is having fun with her BFF, Tito, an exotic bully puppy we babysit.


Peanut is ready for her forever home!

Our little monkey is ready to become someone else’s monkey. This sweet and rambunctious girl will do best in a home with older kids, no cats, and submissive male dogs. There will have to be several meet and greets with other dogs. She will need to be on joint supplements, possibly pain meds from time to time for her knee and may need surgery when she is a senior dog, only time will tell. However, we put her age between 1 and 2 so she has many many years of play ahead of her. She is also fully vetted and spayed.

Please email us at if you would like an application or want any more info.  Adoption fee $200.

Sweet girl

Sweet Peanut is keeping me company after having out patient surgery. She keeps making sure I’m ok and licking me a lot more than usual. She can sense what’s going on and is being so gentle despite wanting to play all the time. Whoever ends up with this little girl is going to be so lucky. She’s fun and playful, yet sweet and gentle, and curious and adventurous. We love her so much. 

Smurf toes

Our little troublemaker’s toes are getting a little inflamed again. We are trying an Selsun Blue coating that our previous vet recommended for Elvis. It’s supposed to calm irritations an reduce itchiness and flaking so we are giving it a go. We coaxed her into the tub this time with peanut butter and she was elated. Note how good her skin is doing around her neck. Almost all her hair has grown back and she is looking and feeling amazing!