New baby girl

Today we went to OCAS to find a dog that had been sponsored and just needed a foster. We needed a bit of an emotional break and thought we could do this as a foster until we could adopt this girl out. However, when we got there the girl was already adopted. So exciting. So we turned our attention to this girl who needed our help.

Despite being very skinny she also has cuts all over her ears. She looks like she was used as a breeding machine for God only knows how long. Her ‘parts’ were also infected and she needed antibiotics ASAP. Poor baby.

She is very very timid and the kennel environment is taking its toll on her. She keeps her tail between her legs and doesn’t want to pass kennels with dogs that bark at her. We got her out to the greeting area and she came out of her shell slightly. She is still timid, but wants love so badly.

My mom is interested in possibly adopting her once she is healthy. We are letting her pick the name incase she does end up with her.

Unfortunately, she has to remain at OCAS for about a week to get spayed. Hopefully this week goes by quickly.

Please consider donating to the care of this girl.