Back to the vet

Yesterday, we noticed that Brie was leaving goopy blood all around the house. I didn’t understand because her incision felt dry. Later that day while she was laying down I noticed it was actually coming from her vagina. Needless to say, I had a nice little panic session. 

First thing this morning I booked an appointment at the vet. Turns out she’s going through a mild heat even though she was just spayed. I didn’t know that could happen. Thankfully, that’s all it is but that had us really worried. 

Please consider donating to get Brie healthy and off to her forever home. 

Sick baby

Friday night Brie was relaxing on the couch with me of course large belly and toes up in the air and looking as cute as ever and I noticed a lump by her incision. I took her to the vet the next day and it looks like she’s developed an infection. They sent us home with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. I think Brie would agree that our personal vet isn’t nearly as scary and loud at the vet at OCAS. Hopefully, she gets better soon. 

Making her happy before making her sad

I don’t think I mentioned this, but my mom decided to name her Sabrina. We call her Brie for short.

Sunday we woke up to get ready to go have a doggie pool party at my moms. We were planning on bringing Roxy, Elvis (the birthday boy), and Brie. We wanted to see if we could get Brie swimming in the pool and figured she would follow Rox and Elvis in.

Our plans got delayed when a neighbor knocked on our door and told us that some dogs were loose in and they were causing havoc in the area. Immediately, Anthony and I went to go investigate with leashes and treats. There were two large dogs and they were holed up in a garage that didn’t belong to their owners. Together we got them leashed and into our house. Then, the neighbor told us they were playing with a kitten and he wasn’t sure if it was still alive. Sure enough after searching a bit we found a small kitten approximately 7 weeks old in rough shape. Thankfully, he didn’t have any puncture wounds and didn’t seem to be in dire condition. We took him and rinsed off the mud and saliva. Poor thing was so traumatized he was just shaking the whole time. Tricky thing is that we do not have the setup for cats and our dog Elvis is deathly allergic. We called our friend Lois at R.A.I.N. and she saved the day by offering to take the kitten. We brought the kitten up to her at Petsmart in Casselberry where she was already on duty trying to adopt out her fosters. She set up the kitten with antibiotics for eye infections, flea treatment for kittens, and got him a cozy setup. Anyone who has a soft spot for kittens please reach out to this rescue.

Now, back to the dogs, we can’t blame dogs for being dogs and going after the kitten. That is in their nature and since both breeds are bred for hunting they have that prey drive. Just because a dog isn’t trained to hunt doesn’t mean it’s not in their nature. I recognized the dogs as being a neighbor a few houses down and we put a card in their door and told them that we had their dogs safe and sound and to give us a call when they got home.

Finally, away we went to the pool party. Roxy and Elvis have both been in the pool before and love it. We are hoping this rubs off on Brie as it’s an excellent way to drain them of energy. Brie wasn’t scared, but she wasn’t going in the pool on her own. She then got to see my mom’s other dogs Maia, the Great Dane, and Bella, the Terrier mix. She remembered them from a test visit from the previous week. They all ran around and played and wore themselves out.

By the time we got home the neighbors were home and were so glad to get their dogs back. They escaped out of the back yard and the owner gladly accepted our offer to help reinforce the fence so it wouldn’t happen again.

Monday, we took Brie in to get spayed. Sadly, as soon as she got out of the car and heard all the kennel dogs barking she went back to her terrified and timid self. Anthony left her there feeling guilty and we waited to pick her up later that day. She was as expected lethargic and woozy. Fast forward a few days and she is now feeling better. She’s eating and drinking on her own and slowly coming out of the shell she reverted to. After 10 days she will be able to be around other dogs and we will most likely transfer her to my mom’s house for her forever home.

Little mushpot

Brie is probably the cutest thing ever. We are falling in love with her more and more every day. She is eating puppy food two times a day and I sometimes slip her a afternoon snack. Shh, don’t tell Anthony. She is putting on weight and her ribs are not showing nearly as much as they were before.

Brie has met all the boys so far. Banner is her favorite and they play non stop. We are planning on introducing her to the girls sometime this week. Sunday we took Brie to my mom’s house to see if there would be any red flags. We didn’t want my mom to keep getting attached to her if Brie didn’t get along with her dogs or her cat. This little rock star didn’t have any issues. My mom is set on adopting her and cannot wait until she gets her over to her house. We have to fatten her up the whole way and then get her spayed. After that, and some more training, we are going to give her over.

Administratively, we have officially gotten our 501(c)(3) status and we are happy to be tax deductible to anyone who donates. Please keep in mind that we are trying to build some funds for the next dog so we can help immediately when the need occurs. Please consider helping us in that endeavor.

Getting her home

Yesterday, I got the exciting phone call that we could pick up the new girl that day. The vet decided that she was too skinny to undergo her spay and so she could go home immediately. Excitedly, I called my mom and let her know the good news. She was a little jealous that she couldn’t come with to pick her up, but was still so anxious to meet her.

I got to the clinic and picked up the girl who was not as stressed as she was before. By the time I got her into the house she was strutting around like she owned the place. She knew exactly what this was all about and her stressed and timid behavior vanished. I gave her a bath and cleaned her ears and her new spunky demeanor started to shine through. She was so thrilled to be out of the kennels and started roaming around checking out all her goodies. She had a comfy bed, bones, and many toys all to herself. She seems housebroken and knows some basic tricks: sit, shake, and stay.

My mom came over later that evening to meet her potential new dog. They hit it off right away and every time my mom moved she was quick to follow. My husband and I are bugging my mom to pick a name for her, but she hasn’t thought of any yet. If you have any please suggest them!

Although she is in relatively good health there are some things we will have to work on. She needs to gain roughly 10 pounds to be eligible for her spay. Her vagina is still having some discharge and she has the beginning of an eye infection. She is so sweet, but not so gentle. The way she was taught to play was just to latch on to hands. That doesn’t feel very good. She seems to have some separation anxiety and is trying to scratch down the door to get out. Once we take care of these issues we will start to see how she interacts with other dogs and cats. I can’t wait to see what comes next for this cute girl.