Update on Sugar

This girl is a mess.

We have been waiting to post any more news about Sugar until we knew something specific. Several specialist visits, X-rays, ultrasounds, blood and urine tests later we STILL do not have a definitive answer on what is wrong with this sweet girl. If you’ve read our previous post then you know she has been urinating spontaneously with blood mixed into the urine. This has been going on for months and we have ruled out a few things. She does not have a UTI or Lepto. She does not have…..oh wait that’s about it. $2000 later and the specialists at AVS cannot definitively tell us a whole lot more than that.

  1. She does have kidney disease. She will probably have this for the rest of her life and it cannot be cured. Instead, we are trying to manage some contributing factors. She has high protein in her urine which can affect the way the kidneys function. This is being managed for the time being with a prescription food, vitamins, and potentially a blood pressure medication (to come later).
  2. They know she has stones in her kidneys, BUT they are most likely not kidney stones. I am still trying to wrap my head around all of these different aspects of her ill-being. From my understanding, sometimes mineralization forms in the kidneys, but it is actually caused by other things. They want to either do a biopsy of her kidney or a blood test to find out more information about what is going on there. They seemed to imply this could actually be a result of her livers not properly functioning.
  3. To find out more about her liver we are going to do another test to rule out any issues. Hopefully, we find our liver is functioning properly. IF her liver is compromised that could be contributing to lovely #4.
  4. She may have another condition with her kidneys that cause the bleeding called Idiopathic Renal Hematuria. For now, her bleeding is limited to about a 3-5 consecutive days every month. If untreated this could cause blood clots, anemia, and inability to urinate. The specialist at AVS said to confirm this diagnosis and treat this we would have to go to the University of Florida.

As you can imagine if we have spent over $2000 to get the likelihood of fixing everything wrong with Sugar is very slim. I asked the vet and after beating around the bush she said that Sugar will never be a completely healthy dog. Right now she has no clue that anything is wrong with her. She has a healthy appetite and is very very active. She is able to go on daily runs (Vet approved) and is enjoying her life as a normal dog at the present.

We are most likely going to try and do the two smaller tests that were recommended. Unfortunately, we have spent the majority of the money we had to get this far. We are having another Rummage Sale for Sugar in a few weeks.

Please also consider donating!!!! If you click on the Donate Now link you can set up a monthly recurring charge of any amount you choose. This could be the cost of one Starbucks Latte a month and it would help!


New Girl Sugar

We’ve had Sugar for about a month and she is finally making her Saving Cyrus debut. She came to us through a friend who acknowledged that he could no longer care for her with her current ‘habits’. He told us that she was prone to peeing in his apartment and no amount of training was helping. He took her to the vet and they treated her with antibiotics twice for a UTI, but nothing helped. We agreed to take her thinking that if it was training, it would be an easy fix for us since most of our house is tile. However, we had the sneaking suspicion that there was something more going on.

Shortly after getting Sugar to our house we noticed that she had blood in her urine. We quickly go her to the vet and she was diagnosed with a “raging” UTI she was sent home with two different types of antibiotics. Two weeks later we went back in for a check up and she still had a UTI, she would need another two weeks of antibiotics. Dr Connely at Longwood Veterinary Clinic also told us that she wanted to do the routine blood work since it looks like she had a pattern of UTIs as well as do a skin scrape for a persistent hotspot. Well, turns out her blood work showed elevated Kidney values (something something was high). The vet then decided to do x-rays and had a difficult time locating one of her Kidneys. They had to pull out an ultrasound and finally found it. It turns out that she has an abnormally shaped Kidney. The hotspot test also showed that she had demodectic mange. With all of these problems combined, they told us unfortunately it is pointing toward some serious conditions.

The Vet suspects that Sugar has some degree of Kidney disease along with a possible ectopic uterer. My understanding of the later is that the tube from the Kidney bypasses the bladder all together and goes straight to her vulva instead. However, LVC isn’t quite equipped to deal with this serious of a condition. Dr. Connely suggested that we set an initial appointment with an Internal Specialist with AVS.

If you have dogs in this area, I bet some of you know that if you go to AVS, you are most likely dropping $2000-$3000 just to find a diagnosis. With that being said, we are going to try and host some major fundraisers soon. We are going to need a lot of financial help with Sugar to figure out exactly what’s going on with her. If it is even treatable I’m sure it’s going to cost a small fortune. We have yet to schedule a visit with the Internal Specialist, but plan to do so this upcoming week. From there we will post any estimates they give us.

Please share to help us help Sugar. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Need a running partner?

Check out this tired boy.

The pictures aren’t great, but this is after our morning run. He runs beside me as I ride my bicycle because there would be no other way to keep up with him. I had to cut the run shorter than normal because I had less available time this morning, but with my handy dandy activity tracker it showed we reached a maximum of 16mph. He can easily do 10 miles in appropriate temperatures. Need a running partner???

Bear has been waiting for his forever home for 13 months.

A little about Bear
Bear is a rambunctious young dog who LOVES to play and be around people. He is a very active dog with endless energy who would be a perfect fit for an active couple. This boy will play hide and seek with you all day if he could. Bear also has a more mellow side and is happiest when he is with his people. One of his favorite activities is to snuggle and give as may kisses as you can handle. He would do best in a home without any children or animals.

If you’re interested please contact us at savingcyrusinc@gmail.com

Snuggle time with Balboa

Your donations made this possible. While Rocky aka Balboa was not a medical case he has still cost us roughly $700. He is the type of dog that is so mellow and comfortable when he is hanging out with his family, but the second you leave him he full on freaks out. He requires an anxiety proof crate and bark collar to snap him out of his panic when left alone. He does get better as his routine sets in, but Rocky will destroy any crate that is not top of the line built for this purpose.

There are many different steps to finding a forever home and one of them is giving the new family the tools to succeed. Thank you for making this possible!

Rocky has left the building

Our little rebounding Balboa has found his new family.

Yesterday we dropped him off at the start of his 2 week trial. We always recommend 2 week trials for adoptions because that is about the time a dog takes to really relax in their new home. If owners wait this time and don’t feel pressured to keep the dog they are more likely to give them the time they need to acclimate. We know that certain dogs are not for every family and vice versa. Sometimes red flags develop and we want the option for the prospective owners to be able to ask for help without feeling guilty or embarrassed.

We are so appreciative that this boy’s new Mom and Dad are so open to help and advice. We think it is a perfect match and hope it sticks. Keep your paws crossed!