Santa Paws 12/4/16

Thank you, everyone, for coming out to support our cause. We hope you had a great time. If you aren’t happy with your pictures please come out 12/11 and we will retake them for free. Our Facebook page (link on the right side of page) has all the pictures. dsc_0125dsc_0173



Saving Cyrus raised $1000 at the rummage sale!!!!

Can you believe it?!?!?

We couldn’t have done this without everyone who donated goods to sell, people who purchase, and those who donated. We are also very greatful to those who shared and advertised for us. Several people came by after seeing ads on Facebook.

A very special thanks goes out to…

…Elaine for helping us gather goods and working in the sun at the register.

…Sandra and Angelise for baking and creating delicious gourmet cupcakes to donate towards the cause.

…The Fuller family who donated goods, came out both days to offer much needed manpower, bought more goods, and lent Lucas who made an adorable Lemonade stand (who hung in there after bees attacked).

…Nancy who helped organize, label, sort, donated goods, bought goods, worked her butt off in the heat and nearly died, and donated the remaining to make us hit an even $1000.

We seriously couldn’t have done this without all of you. All of this will help our vet bill balance, buy specialized medications and heartworm preventative, and to help get peanut into a home.

Rummage sale!

We need your old things! Anything that you would normally give  or donate to goodwill, Salvation Army, or use in a yard sale please send our way. We are going to host a rummage sale to raise money for Saving Cyrus. We will be happy to pick up anything donated. Please private message us or send me an email with a time and place to pick up your gently used items.