Saving Cyrus Doggo Relief Fund

Hey, everyone!  Anthony and I are very fortunate to be minimally impacted so far with Covid-19. (Knock on wood). Therefore, we have decided to donate both our stimulus checks to Saving Cyrus.

One check ($1200) will go towards our current fosters, Bear and Sugar. Our current monthly costs to provide food and medicine are around $250 per month so this should provide for them for a little while.

We know that there are MANY people struggling financially right now and are having a hard time providing food and necessities for their children, let alone their four-legged babies. So, we are donating the second $1200 stimulus check to be set aside to provide food for doggos.

If you are truly struggling and need aid to feed your dogs please email us to receive a FREE bag of dog food. We will order it for you and have it shipped to your house.

Information we need via email to name, address, size of the dog you have in lbs, name and pic of your dog (just because we want to see their cute faces), current dog food brand or description*.

Remember, this is to help people that are in dire situations and that if you do not need the food please leave it for furbabies that really do.

*We will try to purchase the same brand you’re currently on so your dog doesn’t have to switch, but in order to help as many dogs as possible we may not be able to provide top of the line brands. Please also note that we cannot purchase prescription dog food as we won’t have the prescription required.

If you would like to donate towards the cause please click this link.

Stay safe everyone!



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