Need a running partner?

Check out this tired boy.

The pictures aren’t great, but this is after our morning run. He runs beside me as I ride my bicycle because there would be no other way to keep up with him. I had to cut the run shorter than normal because I had less available time this morning, but with my handy dandy activity tracker it showed we reached a maximum of 16mph. He can easily do 10 miles in appropriate temperatures. Need a running partner???

Bear has been waiting for his forever home for 13 months.

A little about Bear
Bear is a rambunctious young dog who LOVES to play and be around people. He is a very active dog with endless energy who would be a perfect fit for an active couple. This boy will play hide and seek with you all day if he could. Bear also has a more mellow side and is happiest when he is with his people. One of his favorite activities is to snuggle and give as may kisses as you can handle. He would do best in a home without any children or animals.

If you’re interested please contact us at

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