Long haul Bear dog

Can you believe that this adorable face has been with us for nearly 10 months?!?!?

We got Bear from Orange County Animal Services in February this year. He was on the euthanasia list due to overcrowding and was the only one in his group to get a 24 hour extension. This boy came to us heart worm and energy positive. It was a difficult few months keeping his energy down while he was receiving treatment. One neuter and a lot of lonely nights later this crinkle face mutt is now out with all our personal dogs and is still looking for his forever home.

We have been working with Bear on his lack of social skills (shh don’t tell him I said that) and he’s been making a lot of improvement. We recently had a Saving Cyrus alum returned to us and Bear was not too happy about him being in our house. This is three weeks later.

Bear would do great with a family that loves to hike, bicycle, run, skip, hop, or pretty much do anything outdoors. After you’ve guys work up a sweat burning those calories he would LOVE to curl up and snuggle! If you’re interested in Bear please contact us.



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