Rocky part 3.5?

Earlier this week we had an awesome family come meet Rocky and they fell in love! They have two young sons and two little dogs. Rocky, as I’m sure you can tell from all the snoring pictures, is extremely laid back and gentle for a big dog. We use extreme caution when placing big dogs around kids and even more with a one year old in the home, but Rocky is made for kids. He immediately licked the baby’s fingers and toes. The couple’s other child is almost four and their son is a little afraid of Rocky because of his size. However, by the end of the initial introduction he was also warming up to him.

Tonight, we went to their home and met their two little dogs. As they told us, one of them is calm and even tempered and the other dog (funnily enough also named Rocky) is dominant and has the typical ‘little dog syndrome’. Our Rocky immediately hit it off with the mellow one and we took things slow with their Rocky. After about 30 minutes they finally met and little Rocky kept mounting big Rocky. While we would love for there to be no dominance displayed at all, we know that that’s not always the case. Since Rocky is big we primarily focused on his reaction. He didn’t seem to be irritated at all and actually submitted a couple times. They did play a little, but it was still a little intense. The potential adopters agreed to take things slow and meet few more times to make sure everything is safe.

Our next meet up is Sunday so keep your fingers crossed that everything keeps going well!

One thought on “Rocky part 3.5?

  1. I really hope Rockyboy found his forever home and will live happily ever after♥️♥️♥️ He’s such a special boy


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