Bear can’t go to Barktoberfest

For the past few weeks Bear has been working with dog trainer, Jason King from Diamond dogs in the Ruff, to get him better at meeting new dogs. He has a tendency to come on way too strong and give the impression of aggression. We both agree that he is not ‘aggressive’, but simply doesn’t know how to do the normal doggy sniff and introduction. Instead he just barrels them over, which no one really likes. As you’ve seen from some of our video’s and pictures, Bear is out with our four personal dogs all the time. He plays with them and there aren’t any issues. He has been making progress with training; however, after consulting with Jason we agreed that he is not ready for a public event. We firmly believe that safety comes first for all parties and so we want to continue his training. Hopefully, he will be ready for the next one.

We are working with Bear on basic manners, but this takes time. Since we think he is a young dog we don’t think he was ever taught these during his puppy years.

If you would like to donate to his training please go to

Thank you!

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