Check it out. 

Bear has made such amazing progress in the last few weeks! 

Previously, we thought he did have some dog aggression. He normally comes on extremely strong to new dogs by lunging and encroaching their space and he doesn’t listen at all to verbal or physical queues from the other dog. After the other dog gets irritated enough and nips it turns into a scuffle. After observing him the last few weeks we realized he is just behaving like a puppy. 

Although he hadn’t directly interacted with our personal dogs he has at least been around them through sight and smell. Fully introducing him to them one by one has gone very well. Now we are letting him out with our pack and we hope to have him fully integrated soon. He has started to understand warning growls and has even started taking the submissive role in some mild play. It helps tremendously that we can finally exercise him. If you’re interested in adopting Bear please fill out an application on our Get Involved page. 

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