Getting ready

We have been getting to know Sassy over the last couple weeks and she is amazing. She is very intelligent and already knows a few commands. She has been doing great in her crate and seems to love being in there during the day. She acts like she looks: tough and full of attitude. This little meatball is mellow the majority of the time, but when she is ready she plays hard. She will zoom around the house for about 20 minutes and then crash. Don’t let her grumpy face fool you, her affectionate side is in there too. 

We have been temperament testing her with our personal dogs and so far it has been uneventful. She is a little dominant so would be better paired with a submissive male. She has also displayed some food aggression, but as long as there are controlled feedings, that shouldn’t be an issue. 

We think Sassy will do great in any home with no cats. She comes from a family with several children of all ages, but will bolt out the front door if open, so the responsibility of all family members needs to be considered. Sassy has a strong prey drive and can never be off leash unless in a securely fenced yard. 

She is getting her first round of shots tomorrow and will be up for adoption after she receives her boosters. Sadly, that means she can’t come to our event Saturday, but if you are interested in meeting Sassy soon please fill out an application and email it back to us. 

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