Positive thoughts for Bear

Yesterday Bear thought he would sneak into some treats on top of his crate. After he ate a whole bag of doggy beef jerky he promptly threw it up. He had thrown up everything solid and could only keep down water in small amounts. I monitored him and he seemed to be fine afterwards. He had solid poop, he was hydrating slowly, and was still urinating normally. 

Well, this morning we woke up to find he vomited blood sometime during the night. We rushed him to our vet and they are keeping him there today. They said that he has presented with pancreatitis and is indeed dehydrated. They are giving him fluids and gave him an injection for pain. We are picking him up later today and hopefully he returns to normal. If he has bloody stool or keeps vommitting they are going to have to hospitalize him. 

Please keep Bear in your thoughts and cross your fingers that he rebounds quickly. 

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