Miss Sassy

Through no fault of her own this little munchkin, Sassy, has been surrendered to us. She comes from a large family with children of all ages. The family’s environment wasn’t compatible with Sassy and so they chose to try and find her a better fit elsewhere.

This American Staffordshire/English Bulldog mix is a very sweet, playful, and confident girl who is dying to get back into a family of her own. She is roughly 6 years old and spayed. She comes in right at 50 pounds, but she is what we call a ‘pocket pit’ meaning she is very low to the ground. Her body resembles a small English Bulldog with the face of an American Bulldog. We are going to spend the next couple days getting her vaccinated and assessing her temperament.

From what we have seen she is going to be a wonderful family dog. More updates will come soon as we get to know her better.

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