Rocky finds the perfect home!

Pookie’s Rescue Fest was a great success! Lots of people visited our booth and made donations as well as bought merchandise. Thank you to all who came out to help! Most importantly, Rocky met a family yesterday that had an instant connection with him. These people came back several times during the day to hang out with him. They decided to fill out an application, and were devastated once they learned someone else had already filed one out on him.

As many of you know Rocky has separation anxiety. One of the members of this family is a local truck driver who was planning on taking Rocky with him on his daily routes as well as still being able to see the family every night when he returned home. If that is not a perfect fit for a dog with separation anxiety I don’t know what is! After meeting the family, and seeing how interested they were, as well as their experience with dogs (the truck drivers wife is a vet tech, major bonus points), we had them fill out an application on him. A few hours later I called my handsome, smart, and always wonderful husband to see what he thought about it. He agreed that this family was probably the best fit we could ever find for Rocky. That evening we did a home check, just to be sure he fit in with their other two dogs, children, and home.

Leaving him was bitter sweet, but we know he is with the family he should be with now. This picture is him in his new home. Rocky, we love you and are elated that you now have your forever home, we hope to see lots of pictures of you driving around town and loving your new life!


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