So sweet

Rocky has adjusted well to being back at our house. He is out with all the other dogs and is beginning his crate training. He is anxious at first, but with the help of anxiety supplements and positive reinforcement he is starting to get the hang of things. He is finished with all his medications and only needs to get his boosters next week.


This little nugget is so cute and sweet. While he likes to play a little bit he absolutely LOVES to take naps. I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s his full time job. If you’re looking for a mellow companion he is the dog for you. He will be great in any home without cats. Rocky’s first vet bill was $300 so we would really appreciate donations for his care. If you would like to meet Rocky we will be out at Pookie’s Rescue Fest in Maitland from 10-4 this coming Saturday, January 28.

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