Back again.

This is Rocky. Please notice his adorably googley eyes.

Back in November, we babysat Rocky for a friend of a friend. At the time she didn’t really want us to share anything about her or the dog on our blog, but she can suck it. Originally, she got into housing trouble and got caught with Mr. Rocky. So she wanted to find a place to watch him until she found Pit friendly houseing. If watching Rocky would help her keep her dog we would be more than happy to help. He turned out to be such an easy dog. He is so sweet, calm, and cuddly.

Well, after about a month she came and picked him up and we haven’t heard anything since. Friday, scrolling through our Facebook page I noticed a cross-post that caught my attention. Now, I never look at these because since we are so small we can’t help all that much and it just makes me depressed. However, I scrolled back up to see what it was that caught my eye. Sure enough, I saw these gargoyle googley eyes staring at me. To my immense displeasure, I saw that he was at Orange County Animal Services! After I spit out a slew of bad words I told Anthony and we made a plan to go get him. Wtf happened??!! Last we knew, he was happy at his new house.

I ran to go bail him out and he was screaming his head off. Now, he is such a mellow dog so this is completely out of character. I filled out the paperwork and got this scared smelly dog that was so filthy into the back of my car.

I guess he was picked up as a stray about 5 times and after the last time she told them to keep him. Now, I’m sure there has to be more to the story, but I don’t know why she wouldn’t reach out to us for help. We could have helped reinforce her fence or tried to rehome him, but she didn’t (hence the suck it).

After his bath, he was rejuvenated and back to his happy go lucky self. I got him an appointment to get checked out at LVC that day. He ended up needing steroids, antibiotics, diarrhea meds, and medicated wipes for his feet. Overall, he is healthy and after getting him fattened up he will be good to go!

Rocky is very mellow I’d even go so far to say lazy. He would be completely content with short walks and lounging on the couch all day. He is good with all dogs and we will test him with cats in a week. If you’re interested in Rocky please email us at His adoption fee will be $75.

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