No babies for our baby. 

Peanut got spayed yesterday and she did really well afterwards. Our little monkey will not need surgery on her knees right now!!!

The doc said that she may later, but as long as we can take steps to prevent it from getting worse we are in the clear. We are starting her on a joint based prescription dog food. This should contain omega 3s and 6s that will help her joints along with her skin. We have been giving her Alaskan salmon oil in her food and we won’t need the additive any more. When I picked up peanut this morning she didn’t seem to have much discomfort or pain. She will need to have rest and very little activity for at least a week. 

Right now we are so thankful she’s doing well and that she won’t need any more surgeries. 

After she recovers and we have some more time to figure out her skin issues she will be up for adoption. Anyone interested in meeting her, fostering, or adopting her please message me. 

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