Peanut’s BFF 

We reintroduced little peanut to Elvis last night. It’s been roughly a month since their first interaction and they were very calm with each other. We have been dog sitting two English Bulldogs for the past couple weeks and peanut has been in the main dog room with our mutts during that time. It was a very nice yet unplanned step forward in getting her used to all the other dogs. She got to get even closer to them and spent her whole day just a few feet from her new friends (whether she likes it or not)! 

Today, after I cleaned her apartment and she was excited to get back in her private suite. She will still be with the other crated dogs during the day, but will have a bigger space during the time they’re out with us and she’s alone. She even let Elvis check out her pad, although I think he may have been jealous. 

Tomorrow peanut has another checkup and hopefully will be cleared for her spay and X-rays. 

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