Goofy peanut returns!

I picked up our little troublemaker yesterday morning and she could not contain her excitement. She bounced around for a solid 10 minutes before we left the vet. Once we got home and she saw Anthony she lost it all over again and promptly peed all over our bed. I love it when she does that. 

The vet said she did really well during her stay and received all the love and admiration they could give. She also got a check up while she was there and the vet would like her to be on antibiotics for another 2 weeks. Her skin is clearing up so nicely and even the deep older scars are growing hair. This little monkey is beautiful. Trust me, I tell her that every day and she’s starting to strut like a super model. 

All joking aside, she will probably be spayed in 2 weeks and they will take the X-rays on her knees and hips while she is under. The kennel techs were able to watch her limp more in depth while she was with them and there is definitely something wrong. Until we figure out what it is and fix it we cannot introduce her to most of the other dogs. They’re much larger and will hurt her during play; one in particular is a freaking wrecking ball trapped in a pinball machine. However, we will probably let her see Elvis more, because he’s a senior dog and doesn’t play often. 

**Side note. When we got Elvis 7 years ago he was extremely dog aggressive and would try and go after any other dog he could. Now, our little Mook is our testing dog because he is so level headed and predictable. It makes me so proud of our mutt!**

We are so happy to have this little girl back with us. 

Please consider donating to her X-rays and possible surgery. We will of course give another medical update when they get the results. Probably just adorable picture until then. 

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