Such a good day!

We went to the vet for Peanut’s check up and we got a very good report card. Everyone commented on how she looked like a brand new puppy dog! She will have another month of anibiotics, but we get to stop the Epsom salt soaks, the eye drops, and reduce the bath from twice weekly to once. She is going to be so relieved! The new development was that she has a yeast infection in one ear, but that should resolve quickly with two rounds of medication. 

The vet still wants to sedate her to figure out if she has more extensive knee and hip problems as well as spay her. We were told back and forth that she was and was not spayed about 4 times since we’ve gotten her by OCAS, but who cares as long and she can’t make any babies. No puppies!! It’s also very exciting to say that she will not need a dental cleaning. Between picking at her teeth during bath time and her dental chews her teeth miraculously got healthier, or at least the black plaque came off. Dr. Conley wants to get her skin 100% before we worry about either of those issues. 

Now on to the more fantastic news. Yes it does get better!!! 

Peanut met Elvis and it was such a positive interaction! We went on a short walk with the both of them and peanut was very interested, but in a much more calm way than anticipated. 

Since we do not know Peanut’s full history we have been very cautious at her meeting the other dogs. We have been very very slowly getting them aquainted. Peanut’s first reaction when we got her here was to lunge at the French doors when she heard or smelt the other dogs. After a couple weeks she was comfortable with that and we increased the challenge by removing the visual barrier we had up. She could then see them through the French doors but not physically interact with them. Her reaction wasn’t terrible, but she was a very high energy anxious and so we waited for that to also subside. Now, after a month, she finally got to meet one of our dogs and fully interact. We are so happy that this went well. The had an appropriate greeting both in and out of the house. We are continuing our slow and steady pace with her so we ended it on a positive note and will keep doing this until, hopefully, she is fully integrated into our pack. Her little wiggle butt can’t wait either!

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