Peanut in training

Our nightly baths have made little peanut beyond bored, so instead of her getting irritated and trying to escape we are going back to distracting her. We now feed her dinner with her baths one piece of kibble at a time. It sounds like it would take a painstakingly long time, but in reality it gives us both something to do while we wait for 15+ minutes. It also is teaching her patience and she is learning how to take treats gently. Not only does it help kill time, but it also creates a positive association with that area in the house. 

Peanut getting excited about her dinner. Previously she wouldn’t go in the bathroom at all and now she is going in there on her own and even approaching the running bath. 

 The bath has become a modgepodge of her treatments. We also use this time to clean her ears, put in her eye drops, and give her medicine. I’ve also recently been trying to clean her teeth during this time so it’s understandably annoying to the little one. Although, we poke and prod at her a lot she seems to really understand that we are helping her. She lets us do all of this without any fighting or squirming. 

Peanut relaxing in the water with a full belly. 

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