Please help Peanut

We are out of funds. We need your help to continue getting Peanut the vet care that she needs. We have already spent $800 on Peanut and the funds we saved up are depleted. Unfortunately, out of the $120 pledges that were promised for her we only received $10 of it. We also only received oneĀ donation from other people that promised to help her recover. Please share our posts if you cannot donate yourself as word of mouth is just as important.

I took Peanut to the vet today and everyone noticed that she was so much better as soon as we walked through the door. As she greeted them they were all so impressed with her emotional and physical improvement. The vet said that she would need at least two more weeks of antibiotics along with our continual epsom salt soaks and baths. She will also need to be sedated for knee x-rays and a dental cleaning. At a year old her teeth are so awful and they look worse than all of our other dogs combined. That alone will be at least another $300-$400 and we do not even know if she will need surgery to fix whatever is causing her limp.

Despite my glum attitude due to our financial position Peanut had the time of her life eating her first ice cream cup. She went from the polite little girl eating off the spoon to stuffing her whole face in the cup which was too adorable to handle.

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