Peanut is making progress

She has gained a lot of confidence in the last few days. She lets us touch anywhere on her body and wants to play with us constantly. Her favorite toys are the bones. She will just pick one up and walk around showing it off for the longest time. 

Her feet aren’t nearly as angry and red and her other open sores are mostly scabbed over. We are keeping up with her treatment plan and for the most part she doesn’t put up any fuss. This is her during her evening Epsom salt soak for her feet. Adorable much?

Her first paw pic is below. I think her cute little nose is sniffing the camera. The redness is mostly a very light pink now. 

The one thing she hates most of all is when we put the cleansing solution on her feet. Maybe it burns, but even at the sight of the bottle she freaks out. What makes it worse is that she gets so fearful of us after her treatments. It takes a while to soak, shampoo, apply cleansing ointment, drops in the eyes, etc and I’m sure by the end she just thinks we are out to torture her. She looks at us with accusing and terrified eyes and it makes you want to stop the treatments. Obviously, we can’t, but I really wanted to last night. Tonight we are going to try spacing them out a little farther to see if it helps to break the sessions apart. 

Despite our torture sessions she is ready to trust and play with us again every morning. This girl really knows how to lay it on thick. 

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