Meds galore!

Our cute little trouble maker Peanut had a rough day yesterday. We went to the vet for her first checkup and although she did really well it was tough on her. When we first arrived I muzzled Peanut as a precaution, which she wasn’t too happy about, to make sure she would be okay if other dogs were in the waiting area. It was a good thing I did, as soon as we walked in a Chihuahua went absolutely nuts. Surprisingly, Peanut didn’t really have a reaction. I think she was too distracted by the muzzle on her face to notice the other dog, but it’s better to be careful until we are sure how she will react. LVC took us to a room right away to get her comfortable.

The vet came in to examine her and Peanut started loving on everyone. She would give her paw to anyone willing to give her attention… and treats. Thankfully, she let the vet poke and prod her without too much fuss. I was a little shocked that she was letting them do everything to her. I assumed she would need to be put under to undergo the exam, nail trim, hip check, ear, wound, and eye cleaning. However, they said she was an Angel!

After roughly an hour of examination, tests, and cultures the vet came out with a treatment plan. She said that her paws, which are all enormously swollen, were deeply infected. Even if you slightly push on them they start to ooze, yikes! Peanut will now be receiving nightly soaks in Epsom salt to draw out some of the infection. Then she needs a wound cleanser applied two times daily concentrating on the feet and any other open wounds. She will also need a medicated bath twice a week.

In addition to the antibiotics she is already on for an upper respiratory infection, she is also on a stronger skin infection medication and pain pills. The poor girl already went through one round of dewormer at OCAS, but still has tapeworms. She needed medication for that as well as a repeat dosage in 3 weeks. She is heartworm negative and also negative for any skin mites or mange. The vet said it could take 4-6 weeks for her feet to heal and right now that’s the priority number one. They hope that when her feet heal her limp will go away. Until then, they don’t want to explore that further.

After I got her home, I had to put on the dreaded cone so she wouldn’t keep licking herself. This probably broke my heart more than anything so far. Once we got it on her she completely changed. Her happy go lucky demeanor changed into absolute terror. She wouldn’t stop thrashing and ripped open the sores on her neck trying to get out of it. We decided to just wait it out. Although it probably was a step back in her mental rehabilitation we needed it to stay on for her medical rehabilitation. It was so painful to watch and after 45 minutes of soothing her she finally laid down exhausted.

We gave her a break from the cone for a bit this morning so she could do her business and eat breakfast. I was excited to see that once her cone was off she was still the little sassy puppy we had gotten used to. I put the cone back on and she has a better reaction. It only took her about 5 minutes to stop messing with it.

It’s going to be a long recovery and hopefully she will continue to trust us enough to get her back to new.

Please consider donating to her vet expenses. She will need biweekly checkups for quite some time. If you cannot donate financially, please share our posts on Facebook. We are also always looking for blankets, dog beds, and dog bones.

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