Blown away

I am absolutely blown away with how well Peanut is doing. Yes, we named her peanut.

We didn’t expect to get a call from OCAS this morning telling us she was ready to pick up, but surprise! We were elated that we could get her in an environment that she would have one on one care. I was also extremely relieved that Anthony could come with me to pick her up. I didn’t know how she would react to us and also travelling in a new car. We were able to take his SUV and put a crate in the back and it made it so much easier than my compact.

We were the ridiculous excited new temporary parents to this sweet girl, so naturally we arrived roughly 45 minutes early. They weren’t open and after killing some time we were finally able to pick up this nugget. She wasn’t fearful at all in meeting us and when we opened the back of the SUV she leapt into the crate and snuggled in. We were pretty astonished that she had no reservations about the situation. We expected her to be anxious and timid.

I took roughly 50 pictures on the car ride home and then we got her all settled in her new house. While the other mutts were secured, Peanut sniffed around the house for a while and was eager to start playing with all the toys strewn about. Clearly, I need to have a talk with our mutts about picking up after themselves. Anyways, she immediately felt comfortable. We couldn’t believe it. Not only was she rough housing, playing, and going after toys, but she also gave us kisses and let us pet her head. It’s amazing that she is just acting like nothing bad ever happened to her. I guess that’s the miracle about dogs though; they live in the moment. To them there really isn’t much of a past.

Despite all the scars, open puncture wounds, and traumatic past, she is just a puppy. She simply wants to play and be loved. I’m so happy to see that we are already gaining her trust after one day. Tonight, Lainey graciously let me use her old muzzle and try it out on Peanut. I knew that she had a fairly bad reaction to it at OCAS so I wanted to start slow. This is a more comfortable version of the muzzle and it allows them to still drink and take treats. While effective, the cheaper versions smash their mouth completely shut which can cause panic and be quite irritating. Although, it’s a better version, it’s not custom made like Lainey’s is. FYI, Dean & Tyler make the best muzzles. So, I brought out the best problem solver of all, peanut butter. I smeared it on the inside of the muzzle and let her lick it off my fingers and the floor. Then I slipped the muzzle opening where she was licking. She didn’t even notice that she had her face in the muzzle. I looped the muzzle shut and it was on. Peanut was so distracted by the peanut-buttery goodness that she didn’t realize it was on. After 30 seconds or so I took it off and gave her some more peanut butter.

Getting Peanut used to the muzzle will make it so much easier to treat her. She let me brush her softly on her neck down to her back and rear. This is the only part of her that isn’t covered in scars or open wounds. OCAS was not able to fully treat her due to her fear aggression and the inability to muzzle her. We are going to give her a couple days to acclimate and then we will try to be more aggressive with her treatment. Although she is already on antibiotics, she still needs to have her wounds clipped, cleaned, and treated and to also get her right rear leg examined. To emphasize how bad she is I think there are at least 30 open puncture wounds. This doesn’t even consider how many hundreds of old scars already there.

 Overall, this day has been simply amazing. She has exceeded all of my expectations and is so sweet. She offers her paw, plays, gives kisses, and loves her crate. Right now, we couldn’t ask for anything more of her.


One thought on “Blown away

  1. Awesome. They must your home is the House of Healing.


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