Little mushpot

Brie is probably the cutest thing ever. We are falling in love with her more and more every day. She is eating puppy food two times a day and I sometimes slip her a afternoon snack. Shh, don’t tell Anthony. She is putting on weight and her ribs are not showing nearly as much as they were before.

Brie has met all the boys so far. Banner is her favorite and they play non stop. We are planning on introducing her to the girls sometime this week. Sunday we took Brie to my mom’s house to see if there would be any red flags. We didn’t want my mom to keep getting attached to her if Brie didn’t get along with her dogs or her cat. This little rock star didn’t have any issues. My mom is set on adopting her and cannot wait until she gets her over to her house. We have to fatten her up the whole way and then get her spayed. After that, and some more training, we are going to give her over.

Administratively, we have officially gotten our 501(c)(3) status and we are happy to be tax deductible to anyone who donates. Please keep in mind that we are trying to build some funds for the next dog so we can help immediately when the need occurs. Please consider helping us in that endeavor.

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