Getting her home

Yesterday, I got the exciting phone call that we could pick up the new girl that day. The vet decided that she was too skinny to undergo her spay and so she could go home immediately. Excitedly, I called my mom and let her know the good news. She was a little jealous that she couldn’t come with to pick her up, but was still so anxious to meet her.

I got to the clinic and picked up the girl who was not as stressed as she was before. By the time I got her into the house she was strutting around like she owned the place. She knew exactly what this was all about and her stressed and timid behavior vanished. I gave her a bath and cleaned her ears and her new spunky demeanor started to shine through. She was so thrilled to be out of the kennels and started roaming around checking out all her goodies. She had a comfy bed, bones, and many toys all to herself. She seems housebroken and knows some basic tricks: sit, shake, and stay.

My mom came over later that evening to meet her potential new dog. They hit it off right away and every time my mom moved she was quick to follow. My husband and I are bugging my mom to pick a name for her, but she hasn’t thought of any yet. If you have any please suggest them!

Although she is in relatively good health there are some things we will have to work on. She needs to gain roughly 10 pounds to be eligible for her spay. Her vagina is still having some discharge and she has the beginning of an eye infection. She is so sweet, but not so gentle. The way she was taught to play was just to latch on to hands. That doesn’t feel very good. She seems to have some separation anxiety and is trying to scratch down the door to get out. Once we take care of these issues we will start to see how she interacts with other dogs and cats. I can’t wait to see what comes next for this cute girl.

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