The boring stuff

I’m sure most of you know that we are officially incorporated as a non profit in Florida. We have also sent off for our Federal 501(c)3 status and we are awaiting approval, which will probably take upwards of 90 days.

We are working on getting a merchant account so you can donate directly to Saving Cyrus with a credit card instead of having to go through Go Fund Me. However if you would like to send a check directly to us please mail it to Saving Cyrus, Inc, 510 Pasadena Ave, Longwood, FL 32750.

As you know, we are a new company that will have to go through some bumps and bruises to get the hang of things. We thank you for sticking with us and for your continued support. We are going to have to start building up some funds so we can take in the next dog that needs our help. Please consider donating.

Thanks again for all your support.

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