Losing Bruce 

Longwood police just came and seized Bruce because the sergeant couldn’t find any signs of neglect. I hope those so called owners realize how awful they have been and have a change of heart on how they ‘love’ their dog.

Although they specifically said they cannot afford his care the longwood police said he had to return the dog to them. Sorry we failed you Bruce. Hope you recover. 

In the event that the owners actually care about his well being here are the instructions. Bruce has hookworms and needs to have pills in three weeks to rid him of them. He cannot have walks longer than 5 minutes 2x a day. He cannot have contact with other dogs that will injure him. He needs his Dermaxx antiinflammtory once in the morning. He also needs 1-2 Tramadol pills for pain and 1 sedative pill. At night he needs the same thing except no Dermaxx. Please cherish that you got your dog back and love and care for him the way he needs. If you need help with vet bills to get him recovered please please come to us and ask. We will help you and not try and recover him. We want him to be healthy and please acknowledge when you need help. 

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