Slowly but surely

I think we can all agree Bruce has been recovering in comfort…

Saturday we took Bruce to get all his vaccinations. We found out on Friday that he had never had any puppy vaccinations or exams. Thankfully, he got caught up on all of that through Longwood Veterinary Clinic. He was so patient and sweet through the entire process and the all the vet technicians gave him so much love.

Bruce is on several pills including anti-inflammatory, pain medication, and a mild sedative. He wants to play so badly and doesn’t really care that he is hurt, until he slips or accidentally hurts himself. It’s hard to keep him calm while still trying to give him love and have mild play. We are allowed to take him on 1-2 ‘long’ five minute walks a day and he has a 14×10 room all to himself. However, how do you make a dog understand that he can’t play or get excited? You can’t. All he knows is that he is left in a small room with very limited activity and is going absolutely stir crazy. The sedative calms him down slightly, but it’s not a sleeping pill. While, we have several bones and toys for him we can’t actually play with him or take him for a long walk to relieve his energy. A great alternative would be to give him mental stimulation and teach or reinforce tricks. Unfortunately, that’s not an option either. You can’t tell him to sit, lay down, shake, or anything else without him accidentally injuring himself.

However; despite him being too sweet and playful for his own good, he seems to be walking a lot better. He is now almost always bearing weight on his right leg when he walks. Before, he was either not using it at all or putting very minimal weight on it.

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