Waking up to the fog 3/16/16

My 4am alarm wasn’t needed. Cyrus slept the entire way through the night and then some. Anthony tried to wake him at 7:30, but couldn’t get him up. I spent about 10 minutes trying to coax him out of his crate. He finally went out side and was extra wobbly and incoherent. After he did his business he came inside and refused to eat. My heart sank. The night before I was so excited that he went to sleep on his own and got a good night’s rest. Now he seemed worse than when we first got him. 

My supportive and understanding boss let me work from home in the morning. I let Cyrus pace his area like he normally does hoping that he would fully wake up and then want to eat. We even offered can food. He didn’t. He didn’t even recognize that I was in the room. At this point, I’m paranoid that I’ve traumatized him from the bath the previous day. I waited about 2 hours to see if he would eat or drink on his own and then finally decided to try and hand feed him. I scooped the can food on my finger and rubbed it in his lips and this finally got his attention. He would slowly lick it off my fingers. Every time I put the bowl back down he would lose interest. However, hand feeding him made him get the whole can down.

I put him back in his crate and he was out within minutes. I couldn’t help thinking that I made a horribly wrong decision by bathing him and stressed his system too badly. Now off to work…

…Cyrus is back! As soon as I got home he was up and waiting for me to let him out. He went right outside and did his business, came back in on his own, ate a whole bowl of dry food, and drank a ton of water. You cannot imagine my relief. I sat outside with him in the backyard for a while and let him wander. He then got a good 3 hour nap and woke up just in time for dinner. Cyrus was completely responsive now! He got his night time meds and tucked in for the night. He had his full appetite back and seemed to be back to our version of ‘normal’. That’s pretty much all we want for him: sleep, eat, drink, and repeat.

One thought on “Waking up to the fog 3/16/16

  1. So happy to read about his progress. His face looks so much better. I imagine it will be 2 steps forward, one step back for a while. You two are awesome


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