Spoke too soon 3/15/16

So… I spoke too soon. I got home and had a HUGE mess waiting for me. Not only did Cyrus make a nice race track again, but our other mutt, Elvis, had an fun time in his crate as well. Elvis has some prior health issues so I don’t think the two incidents are related. However, the process of thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing both areas and giving 2 dogs a bath took about 3 hours. Bright side is that I got my new cleaning kit together: utility boots, gloves, shop towels, and two beers downed before I started. Jeez, it was disgusting. I’ve had dogs and livestock my whole life, but man some messes are worse than others.

Cyrus hates me. Up until now we have not given him a bath. Why you ask? Our vet didn’t want to stress his system so they only rinsed the dead fleas off of him. However, now that he has had two shit storms I thought it was necessary. Do I want to stress him out? No. Do I want to let him stay coated in feces? No. I chose the bath. He acted like a drowning cat and it was so pathetic I almost cried while I was doing it; although, that may have been the beers. After I tortured him he went to sleep. 

My wonderful husband knew that I worked my ass off cleaning up so he bought me roses and my favorite beer. He knows the way to my heart.  If only he also brought home steak…

Cyrus woke up around dinner time and ate. This was actually pretty exciting because he didn’t eat at all around lunch time. I think the bath did freak him out pretty badly. He paced for an hour; I know that’s a surprise. Then I gave him his meds and he voluntary went into his crate and laid down to sleep with me in the room. That’s the first time that’s ever happened. It made me so happy. I have my alarm set at 4am to check on him so we don’t wake up to a ‘surprise’. 

One thought on “Spoke too soon 3/15/16

  1. I cried when I saw Cyrus, words or photos cannot describe the condition he is in. Horrific!
    The only comfort I have is knowing he has both of you and the pack to care for him.
    You have the patience and willingness to give this gentle soul what he needs!
    I love and I am proud of you guys!!
    Let me know what I can do to help!

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