Picking him up 3/12/16

Saturday morning our Facebook post about adopting him started to spread. A friend from a rescue, called R.A.I.N., tried everything in her power to get him released early because he was so frail. Thankfully, as soon as OCAS opened, at 10 am that morning, I got the call to come pick him up. I flew out the door as fast as I could and calling every vet I knew on the way out. To my frustration, our regular vets were booked solid with emergencies. I finally got him an appointment at Longwood Veterinary Clinic.

I got to see this wonderful face.


He knew exactly what to do when he saw my car. Even though he was so weak he hopped right up with his front legs and let me lift him the rest of the way up. That’s the part that makes me the angriest. He was someone’s pet at one point. Where the hell where they and what kind of people were they to discard this guy? Or, did they directly do this and then get tired of using him for bait? He didn’t get this way on his own – someone did this to him.

Anthony’s work was right around the corner and I waited until his lunch break so he could finally meet our latest addition. Although Cyrus was passed out in the backseat by now Anthony’s face crumpled as soon as he saw him. Who can blame him? It’s much, much, more difficult to see it in person than from a picture. I got the idea from a friend to start a GoFundMe page and Anthony set it up that afternoon. I then left my very sad and emotional husband at work, to take Cyrus to his vet appointment.


IMG_8383The vet had to muzzle him and carry him to the exam room. The wonderful staff immediately went into action, getting him fluids, taking blood, urine and x-rays. The vet explained to me that they needed to start ruling things out. They are sending out an extensive blood panel, but they also did an in lab panel. This surprisingly showed his kidney, liver, and glucose levels were all normal. Thankfully, he was heartworm negative and the vet put him on Sentinel immediately to keep it that way. For the most part his x-rays looked normal. There is some unknown mass in his abdomen that we are still waiting to figure out. The vet explained that since Cyrus was so emaciated he didn’t have the layer of fat that helps x-rays become clearer. She offered that they send it out to a radiologist. After some consideration, I told her to hold off. My goal was to stabilize him for the moment and if he hung in there, we could retake the x-rays in a couple weeks and then send them out. Hopefully, he will have a little more fat and muscle on him to help the clarity. They also explained (it gets gross here – skip to the next paragraph if you need to) that he had ruptured anal glands. Essentially, the glands had nowhere to secrete so they literally popped through his skin. That is what the blood was coming from. They said it would heal itself with antibiotics-shocker. I’m sure any vet reading this is cringing at my lame explanation, but that is how I understood it.

After 3 hours I left with a full goodie bag: antibiotics, pain medication, stool-firming medicine, flea meds, dry puppy food, and canned puppy food. I finally got Cyrus home, to his private room away from our other mutts, and to my pleasant surprise he had a great appetite. Some dogs that are this skinny refuse to eat, but not this guy. Thank God! After a full meal and being poked and prodded at the vet for hours I expected him to crash from exhaustion. That’s when I noticed some strange behavior. At first I thought it was just curiosity and then realized it was obsessive. He walked around our yard in circles. I tried to get him to lie down and rest, but he just walked and walked for hours. I couldn’t believe this frail guy had so much energy. After my husband got home from work, Cyrus finally laid down to get some much needed sleep.


When he woke we tried to give him his medication. Nope! He was not having it. Nothing we did: pill pockets, slipping it in wet canned food, putting the pill pockets in his food to disguise it, putting it in peanut butter, would work. We were torn between forcing him to take it by shoving it down his throat and breaching the little trust we gained that day. We decided to feed him some more and then wait until morning. He paced again for hours before he decided to finally sleep.

Astonishingly, we had already raised $200 towards his $795 vet bill. Thank you so much everyone!

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