Meeting Cyrus 3/11/16

My husband and I came across a Facebook post about a severely emaciated pitbull, by the name of Cyrus, at Orange County Animal Services. Immediately, both our hearts broke after seeing his picture. You could see every one of his ribs sticking out and his head was sunken in. Essentially, Cyrus was a walking skeleton. My husband and I made a decision to go get him within minutes of seeing him

I left work and went straight to OCAS, where I found Cyrus in the isolation building. The tech that brought him out to meet me had to coax him every step of the way to make it outside. He was extremely weak and clumsy footed. She began to tell me the only part of the story they knew. A good citizen called OCAS about an emaciated and disoriented dog wandering in and out of road. Apparently, he then made it to a retention area, which he paced in circles until he eventually fell in the pond. The OCAS worker had to go in and save him from drowning as there was no way he would find his way out on his own.

After hearing this small bit of terror this guy went through in only one day, I knew we had to help him. This poor dog was covered in fleas, feces, and dried blood. He had these huge sunken eyes that were sometimes disturbingly vacant. However, despite all of that, he was sweet and gentle. He let you approach him and pet him for as long as you wanted. Even though he didn’t have the energy you could tell he wanted to play with the balls and Frisbee’s strewn about.

The administrator explained to me that they were not optimistic about his outcome. They told me he could have anything from tumors and cancer to god knows only what other underlying conditions. Regardless, I filled out an application and paid a whopping $5 for his adoption. I also begged for them to let me take him that night. I knew the sooner we could get him to the vet the better. OCAS estimated that he be released on Monday. Instead of going home with Cyrus that night, I went home with the sick feeling he wouldn’t make it until then.



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