Getting him to relax 3/14/16

I woke up to a lovely (this is a dog page – so you have to be expecting poop to be involved) dog poop race track in his room. He paced right on through is poop over and over until it was a huge circular pattern. Fun for me! I cleaned him and the mess and fed him in a hurry and had to make it to a Dr. appointment of my own.

Anthony woke up and fed him more food and gave him his meds. After calling the vet, they prescribed some anti-anxiety medication to stop the pacing. It knocked him out within an hour. Thank you!!!! Now, he is up and ate a full dinner drank a lot of water and took his meds. Hopefully, this is a recipe that will result in a happy ending! We are not naive, just extremely hopeful!




One thought on “Getting him to relax 3/14/16

  1. I hope Cyrus can find a happy place within himself
    No telling what he’s been through
    Hopefully time can heal
    He’s in a safe and loving home❤


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